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          Vinatex International Fabric Co., Ltd. (VTF) was established in 2015. VTF has operating mainly in Textile Manufacturing and Trading of woven items. Our strengths are 100% Cotton, Cotton. spandex, woven fabrics from blended yarns such as Visco, Lycra, T400, Polyester, reprieve, Coolmax Thermolite.

          The Company is located at Lot M, Street 3, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, Hoa Khanh Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Vietnam. Danang is a city with a deep seaport, International Airport and convenient transportation for export trade and has the advantage of abundant and skillful labor.


          Company’s goal: Productivity – Efficiency – Sustainable Development


          In line with the global development trend, VTF has bravely invested in modern equipment, advanced technology from Europe and the United States to contribute to increasing labor productivity, creating high quality products and pioneer in product revolution, comprehensive cooperation and meet the increasing needs of customers. For a short time, VTF has participated in the global supply chain to provide the textile industry with high quality, diverse woven products, and appeared in almost all markets in the world. successfully recovering difficult markets such as the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea. In addition, the company applies advanced management methods and complies with ethical standards and laws towards sustainable development. We are proud to be one of the leading textile enterprises in the Central region which has been building a brand, creating a lasting reputation with our large domestic    and foreign customers.




          Vinatex International Fabric Co., Ltd. (VTF) strives to be one of the leading textile and garment export enterprises in Vietnam to best meet the needs of customers.
          + For customers: Maximize business efficiency. Becoming a reliable destination, ensuring the highest satisfaction for customers.
          + For employees: VTF is committed to ensuring a safe and friendly working environment for members of a common home.
          + For the community: We will always act as a responsible global citizen. Participate in the “Vietnam improvement program” in 2017 to optimize energy and water consumption. The program is managed by VF Corp, target and the World Bank. Sustainable technology studies the best options from fiber to dyeing and finishing.
          + Conserve energy: Use energy conservation in every process whenever possible. .
          + Environmental awareness. : Pursuing the highest standards of waste management.
          + Supplier Code of Conduct: Insurance of a network of ethical and socially compliant contractors.


Factory scale:


          With the business and production model from carpentry raw materials to finished fabrics, VTF has used the latest EU & US technologies to weave, dye and finish high quality fabrics. Advanced and modern machinery and equipment from Europe & America such as Picanol, Kuster, Beninger, Dhall, Laffer, Monfort … are equipped for weaving, dyeing and finishing factories.
          + Total initial investment is US $ 2.6 million.
          + The average monthly weaving and dyeing capacity of the factory is 2.5 million meters.
          + Total factory area is 37 thousand square meters
          + Main products are woven fabric.


Product Introduction:


          Diversified features of the product:
          + Anti-oil
          + Nano Care
          + Anti-bacterial
          + Anti-violet
          + Waterproof
          + Moisture management

          VTF has a unique quality management system, we strictly test each fabric through in-house laboratory testing to ensure that the products and services meeting the customer’s durability and comfort requirements. We improve product quality through a series of quality management methods from the development, production process to finished product inspection.

          VTF has a laboratory with international standard mechanical testing equipment certified by Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, Target …”Customer satisfaction is the goal measure of Vinatex International Fabric Co., Ltd.”.

Vinatex International Fabric Co., Ltd

Lot M, Road No. 3, Hoa Khanh Industry Zone, Lien Chieu, Da Nang City

02363 734 787



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